Welcome to The Savvy Affiliate. My goal is to help other women to Learn Affiliate Marketing, Grow their own unique brand, and Succeed financially with their online business.


My story began as a young mom who set out to start her own business in retail way back before websites for businesses were readily available to small businesses. I remember writing my own code into my website so it could easily be found by what today is knows as SEO, so it could be found by Google. The business eventually dissolved along with my marriage and I set out as a single mom with three small children.

Entrepreneurial by nature I made my way into the corporate world on sheer bravado and determination. My position as a Business Development Manager gave me skills that would later become invaluable when starting my own businesses. My job was to go into a franchise and audit their procedures and marketing to customize a strategy to improve and grow their business, with training and support. Although I absolutely loved this job and was making a 6 figure income, it had me on the road 200+ days a year away from my small children.

I decided to start a business I could easily do on my own property. So I went back to school to become a hairstylist. This career enabled me to work from a shop I built on my property, make a good living & available to my children as they grew into their teens and eventually adulthood. The Best decision I ever made. Then I fell in love… this meant a move I never expected, into a tiny rural town with 970 people. I have a successful little salon, an art studio and a happy life, but absolutely no retirement plan. Looking ahead to the future I realized I needed to find a way to replace my income doing something that didn’t require my physical presence in one location.

After two years of actively searching for the right fit, I read a book on affiliate marketing and realized “Oh I can do this” and my journey began. I researched the industry, found a business model based on my own life values of helping others, and built my affiliate business. Now it’s my turn to pay-it-forward and help you! Let’s work together to make your dream of owning your own business a reality!

Elaine Unruh


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